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"Serving all of Northern California from the Central Valley to the Bay Area as your local service"

Delta Cranes specializes in crane rental services with high quality cranes and friendly, experienced staff are available for maintained and operated crane work. Whatever your requirements we can help you. We provide a high quality lifting service and resources to complete your project.

We offer a high quality service with modern crane equipment, guaranteeing efficient and cost effective crane services. We provide an excellent record for safety and health. Our cranes built to lift and move heavy equipment, tools, and construction resources make your task simpler, quicker and easier to complete.

crane rental services

We cover a range of lifting and hoisting solutions for the commercial, industrial and residential sectors. Our industry is often adapted to meet the needs of our customers, complexity, and scale of their projects. We pride ourselves on delivering the outstanding service to customers with our professionally well-trained operators.

Key benefits of crane truck for rent


1. Simple to use
2. No need of additional construction costs
3. Saves time & money
4. No worries on maintenance, repair & depreciation
5. You can choose different models and makes that best suits your project
6. Less space is required for stabilization (mobile cranes)
7. Cost-effective
8. Professionally skilled operators included (tree removal, rigging etc)
9. No storage space required
10. Stress-free solution

How far in advance do you need to order for rent?

Based on the availability, cranes or boom trucks can be placed days or a week in advance or even the day of the job. To place an order just ring us – 209-948-1724.

What types of rigging come with the crane you rent?

Our cranes are equipped with a supply of rigging that supports everyday lifting tasks. Each crane has an array of distinct sizes of hooks, wire rope slings, shackles, and web slings. Please share the information while filling the contact form.

Do we work in rain?

Yes. But in light rain if rain does not pose a safety concern to those working. If rains heavily and reduces visibility, or the lighting is visible, our operations are ceased until safe to work again. Suppose if not possible to continue the work on that day, call us – 209-948-1724 and we happy to reschedule the job.