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5 Tips for Saving Time and Money While Renting a Crane

In one of our previous blogs we have answered a common question: To purchase or to hire a crane? If you have gone through it you probably feel that renting the crane is a better option than purchasing.

You can save lots of money by hiring rather than purchasing.

So, today we are going to give you some tips on saving your time and money on crane hiring irrespective of your project type. Use these tips each time you hire through a crane rental service.

1. Look for the right sized crane

When you rent a crane, it is important to look for right-sized crane based on the items to be lifted and other project requirements.

Don’t fall prey to the attraction of large powerful crane when you can save money by choosing a smaller which is suitable for your needs but costs you a lot less.

Hence, before choosing any crane rental company, study your project carefully or discuss with the crane experts before selecting the crane.

2. Make a note of obstacles

Before commencing any crane activity, see whether any obstacles like trees, buildings or wires are present in the area your crane is going to operate in.

If any obstacles are there, mention them to your crane operator in advance, so that they can arrange for the appropriate equipment to complete the task.

If you forget to mention or you saw these obstacles at the eleventh hour, the crane company may need to reorganise everything, and you may need to pay extra money.

3. Remove removable obstacles

If there are any vehicles or any other movable objects present in your area of work, remove them.

Also, ensure there are no pits or holes on the ground and repair them if possible or if they are on a public road, request the local municipal people to sort them.

This is essential if your project requires crawler cranes as these cranes need a firm and smooth base to operate.

4. Ensure you have enough space for your crane setup

After you have selected the crane, ask for the recommendations regarding set-up space for your crane.

You need to keep sufficient space ready before the arrival of the crane and save money on your project.

5. Hire a Reputed Crane Rental Service

Don’t hire a crane company without getting to know it properly. This is essential because the crane operator is responsible for the execution of your project.

If the crane operator of a particular crane service company doesn’t have the right skill and experience, your project and money is at risk.

Hence, before making your choice of crane rental company, inquire about their credentials and safety record.

Ask for their experience and license. Also, read the company’s reviews on the internet or talk with their customers.

We hope you are now confident about renting a crane. We here at Delta Cranes ensure you the best service for your project.

Book an appointment with us today and we can meet to discuss your project requirements. You will find that you can rely on us!

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