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Established in 1969, we offer mobile crane services including major rigging, contract lifting, and heavy equipment projects throughout California. Delta Cranes have developed into a reliable company offering mobile crane services providing heavy lifting services for many different industries.

Our experienced team can help you in all aspects of the job, including site evaluations, scheduling projects and lifting plans. Our crane services are available 7 days a week. We maintain and inspect our rigging equipment with high standards, and all lifting components are load tested to ensure safety when lifting.

We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for our customers. Mobile cranes are primarily used for lifting, lowering and transporting loads. They move horizontally by swinging or traveling. Cranes are equipped with a block, a boom, and a jib.

Two main types of cranes are available on the market:

1. Hydraulic and 2. Mechanical cranes are also referred to as conventional cranes and tend to have a greater capacity. Hydraulic cranes have greater mobility and require less time to set up.

Crane Capacity

mobile crane services

1. Controlled by their operating radius.

2. Safety regulations limit maximum crane load to a percentage of tipping load.

3. Electronic load indicators available that measure the right load on the crane and provide a warning if safe capacity has been exceeded.

4. We use the standard method of rating the capacity of mobile cranes as adopted by the PCSA Bureau of The Construction Industry Manufacturer Association.

5. Safe load capacity calculation is based on the slings, hook blocks, spreader bars, and other handling devices considered as a part of the load and their weight.

Crane Operator’s Job

Inspection of the hoisting machinery must be conducted by a competent person. Here is a list of what our employees inspect on the cranes before they are sent to project:

1. Wire rope wear

2. Fluid Leaks

3. Rated load capacities

4. Air pressure and no leaks

5. Tires properly inflated

6. Operating speeds

7. Loose or any missing nuts, bolts

8. Any physical damage

Benefits of using cranes

The huge advantage is the ability to access smaller areas, sites, and flexibility. The most important benefits are:

1. Less space

Even in a small construction site cranes can operate and move heavy equipment with ease. This can be useful when the construction takes place in urban areas where space can be limited.

2. Quick setup

The time required to install mobile cranes on the construction is short and requires less space to be stabilized. Therefore work can be performed much faster.

3. Handle various lifting tasks

Although this crane looks smaller than other types it is powerful and capable enough to lift heavy objects like a tower crane. This crane still lifts heavy objects and materials to greater heights because of the advance hydraulic power system and multiple axes.

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