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Purpose of Cranes and Their Functions

The Purpose of Cranes

Cranes are an integral part of the construction sector. Cranes are used for heavy construction work and all kinds of lifting tasks.

A typical crane consists of a hoist rope, wire ropes, chains, and sheaves. Based on the applied fundamental mechanics and equipped with cables and pulleys, a crane can lift heavy loads well beyond the capacity of a human.

Modern cranes coordinate simple systems for achieving complex lifting tasks.

Nowadays, due to the advancement in technology, cranes use hydraulic systems, internal combustion engines and electric motors with advanced capabilities for its users.

The Main Types of Cranes are:

and many more.

Cranes are used for

  • Construction materials
  • Railroad tracks
  • Shipping Materials
  • Bridges
  • Mobile homes
  • Cars
  • Scrap Metal

Important Types of Cranes & Their Functions

Mobile Cranes

Mobile cranes are mounted on a mobile platform like rail or a wheeled truck. Mobile cranes are designed for easy transporting of loads to a site.

These cranes generally operate a boom from the end of which a hook is suspended by sheaves and wire rope.

The wire ropes are operated by prime movers, operating through several transmissions. Mobile cranes are used to lift heavy objects.

Mobile crane services provide the flexibility to access those sites that are difficult for other types of cranes to access.

Telescopic Cranes

Telescopic cranes one of the forms of heavy cranes employed to transport and move objects from one place to another. Telescopic cranes are often used in routine hauling operations at ports.

Telescopic cranes are equipped with height adjustments because of which the problems related to height are solved while transferring goods from one place to another.

Cantilever Cranes

Cantilever Cranes run on an aerial runway. These cranes are also known as ‘hammerhead’. This German-designed crane consists of a strong, steel-braced central tower on which a mighty double cantilever beam is fitted.

The forward section of this arm contains the lifting machinery, while rear section contains a counterbalancing weight.

The primary function of cantilever cranes is to lift and transfer loads via a rotational movement of the cantilevered cross beam.

Gantry Cranes

Gantry crane is a crane on the top of the gantry. Gantry is a structure used to straddle an object. They use a hoist installed in fixed machinery consisting of a rail framework.

These cranes employ a strong overhead gantry to lift heavy industrial loads. Gantry cranes are widely used in factories, shipyards, and similar commercial places.

Crawler Cranes

Crawler cranes are the special types of cranes fitted with caterpillar tracks are used on soft and boggy ground where wheeled are unable to operate.

This crane is very stable as it has a very broad base and tracking spreads over a large area.

Aerial Cranes

An aerial crane also known as a flying crane is a helicopter used for lifting heavy loads like containers and other awkward loads.

Aerial cranes are mostly used in remote or inaccessible areas such as a building or mountain tops. Lifting operation using aerial cranes is often called a long line because a single sling line is used to carry the load.

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