Safe Lifting

Request for Customers:

  • Please give us correct directions and/or landmarks where to meet you
  • Provide accurate info on weight & reach
  • Is lift area clear of branches, power lines or any other obstructions?
  • Upon arrival, indicate where we are lifting and help truck back into place as needed
  • Is ground solid for truck entry and outrigger pads

Instructions for Crane Operator and Workers:

  • When possible position items to be lifted at the back or side of crane
  • Rigging should be secured for even weight distribution
  • Make certain that items lifted are free from all attachments
  • Communicate with the operator, know your hand signals
  • Always maintain visual contact with an item as it is lifted
  • Never stand directly under any suspended item during lifting operation
  • Indicate location when rotating or booming into place
  • Continue signals until unit is set down
  • Never allow hook or load cable to touchdown creating slack in line