Should I Buy a Crane or Hire Crane Services for my Construction Business? Image

Should I Buy a Crane or Hire Crane Services for my Construction Business?

One of the largest investments a construction company can make is in cranes. Cranes are big machines used for moving materials to various locations on a job site.

Most of the cranes used by construction companies are not owned by them, they actually hire them through crane service agency.

There needs to be a lot of thought and consideration given to the choice between buying and renting of cranes.

When you own a construction business, it would be difficult for you to decide whether to buy or hire a crane, since you are often on a tight budget.

The following are some of the key factors that will help you determine whether to purchase or hire a crane.

Note the Weight of Regular Lifting Items

Cranes are designed to lift a specific weight. Cranes lifting a large amount of weight are large in size and very costly.

Hence, consider purchasing the crane only if you need to lift things that are under the maximum weight limit of the crane that you purchase.

Analyze How Frequently You Need Cranes for Your Work

If your business has frequent lifting work and needs cranes regularly, then it may be ideal to purchase a crane for your business.

However, if the lifting work is done only a few times a month, renting is probably the better option.

Think About How to Transport the Crane

Some heavy-equipment rental companies deliver the cranes to your job site. Thus, you do not need to take responsibility for its transportation.

If you want to purchase the crane, then it is necessary for you to have a large trailer for moving the crane. If you don’t have it, then you need to purchase a truck and trailer or hire a crane instead.

Storage Space for the Crane

If you purchase the crane, you need to store it in such a place where there is large enough space.

Also, you need to choose a secure storage place to ensure the security of the crane.

Maintenance of the Crane

If you want to own a crane, you will have to maintain it regularly. Maintenance cost for the cranes is very expensive since working on it requires a specific skill set.

You need to take the crane to a professional at regular intervals to do any repairs if required. However, if you hire the crane from a crane agency, the company takes care of the maintenance of the crane.

You just need to pay the hiring price and the best care will be taken by the company itself.

Hiring Offers Flexibility

Hiring the crane also provides you with the flexibility to try several types of cranes based on your various project requirements.

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