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Why You Really Need Professional Tree Removal Assistance?

“You can never be too safe when it comes to tree removal work. There’s a degree of unpredictability, especially if you’re not trained in doing this type of thing,” said Lee Gutterman while speaking about the death of a Louisville resident because of multiple blunt force injuries caused by a tree branch hitting his chest.

The deceased, Richard Freeh, 49, was cutting down damaged tree branches following a recent ice storm.

At some point, he lost his balance when a large branch knocked him off the ladder and Freeh fell from 12 feet along with the branch which landed on his chest.

Lee Gutterman is the representative of a local tree service company and expressed his disappointment on many people taking tree removing activity for granted.

He said, “A lot of people think removing trees or branches is something they can handle themselves, but that’s dangerous thinking, especially because it’s even considered a hazardous job for professionals.”

He has urged the people to use professional residential crane services for large tree removal tasks.

We can’t agree more with Lee!

If you are thinking of cutting an unwanted mature tree with an ax, then you may be thinking in the wrong way.

With due respect to your woodcutting capabilities, removing/cutting a tree is harder and more time consuming than you might think.

There is also a risk of cutting the tree in a wrong way thus creating a safety hazard for your family and neighbors.

Why Remove Trees?

  • Even though trees make your garden look beautiful and refreshing, sometimes they become filled with dead branches and leaves that hinders any further growth.
  • Sometimes, trees get damaged because of some infection or storms.
  • Trees having long and heavy branches often mess with telephone wires or your home structures thereby frustrating you.

The safest and most effective way is hiring a crane rental service for tree removal activity.

What are Benefits of Hiring a Professional Crane Service for Tree Removal?

  1. Safe and Hassle-Free

Your safety is one of the most significant reasons for hiring crane services. Secondly, it frees you from all the tensions associated with the traditional ways of tree removal.

Unlike the traditional method, a crane removes all the debris and branches in a systematic way thereby assuring safe and clean home premises.

  1. Skilled Operators and Staff

When you rent a crane, you are also renting a crane operator.

Crane operators are well-trained with respective certifications. Before commencing the work, they analyze and come out with a perfect plan of removing a tree.

  1. Cost-Effective and Time Saving

Tree removal with the help of a crane is time-saving. Also, there is no reason to buy the crane if you want to remove a couple of trees on your property. Renting a crane is undoubtedly an affordable option.

A Highly Efficient Choice!

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